security for fathers day

Security for Father’s Day

security for fathers day

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When I asked my husband what he wanted for Father’s Day I was surprised at his answer: “I want people to be more conscientious.” I guess my face gave away my confusion because he went on to explain what he meant.

There are so many ways to spend our money and I would like them to all be memorable. I would rather spend money on creating memories as a family than on wasting it. I would also like our family to be more aware of the resources we are wasting and how that can impact other people. We waste a lot of water by over watering when there are severe droughts all over the country and world. We waste a lot of money with inefficient air conditioning. People leave doors open or forget to turn the air off when they leave. We leave the garage open and our possessions get stolen so now we have to pay to replace things instead of using that money on something fun. I just want our family to be more aware and less wasteful.

I immediately knew that the best gift to get him was peace of mind, so I started looking into smart homes and home automation.

I knew the biggest problem and first priority was our air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. We were all so busy that often it would be left running even when no one was home. Going back and forth from soccer games to piano recitals to movies meant that our energy bill was not the most pressing concern on our minds. One of the easiest solutions I could find is the smart thermostat from Nest. This thermostat is amazing! I never thought I would be this excited over a thermostat. So what makes this so great? Well, there are a lot of things but the first is that it learns your patterns. For example, if every night when you go to bed you change the temperature, it will recognize that and change for you. The next thing I knew my husband would love is the ability to check the temperature and change it from your phone. If we ever forgot to turn it down or up, we could just do it remotely.


The other problem I had to tackle was the garage door. Sometimes the kids open it to get their bikes and then forget to close it as they hurry off to a friend’s house. And as much I wanted to blame it entirely on them, I knew my husband and I had left in a hurry and forgot to close the door on more than one occasion. I know that being busy isn’t a good excuse, but we are just really busy and I’m sticking to that as my excuse. I wanted something that could monitor the garage door, and like the thermostat, give me the ability to shut it from my phone. I wanted to be able to satisfy my curiosity at any moment and know that the door was shut.

There are many other aspects of home automation that intrigued me, but those were the first ones on my list. I knew my husband would be excited to get the ball rolling on making our home more efficient. I think the next step will be smart locks. There are locks you can install on your exterior doors that you can control from your phone! I know, right? But here is the biggest problem, I don’t know how to install and setup any of this stuff and I certainly didn’t want my husband doing it (it usually takes twice as long as he thinks it will and often doesn’t work right, but don’t tell him I said that). So I needed someone to come and install it, set it up, get it on our phones, and teach us how to use everything efficiently. That is where Alder came in. I found Alder online and after a bit of additional research and a phone call I had everything figured out. This is the gift I wanted to give my husband. Our family can do better at being responsible and Alder helped us get it all together.  

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