smoke detector fire

Smart Smoke Detectors Make a World of Difference

smoke detector fire

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When customers begin to look into home automation and upgrading to a smart home, one component that is often overlooked is the smoke detector. People ask about cameras and security, they want to monitor the temperature inside the house from their smartphones, they want door locks with codes that can be locked and unlocked remotely, but they very rarely ask about smoke detectors. When a customer is asked if they would like to upgrade to smart smoke detectors they typically ask, “What’s the importance of a smart smoke detector? Why does that matter?” Well, it matters. A lot.

Typical smoke detectors are a required nuisance. Checking batteries every 6 months, shrill chirping alarms going off every time you burn some popcorn that no matter how frantically you wave the towel, you can’t get it to turn off, and the random beeping that comes from a dead battery and you can’t find it and it won’t go away even though you’ve checked every battery in the whole house. All this is part of staying safe with traditional smoke detectors. It is just part of the process.

But what if there was an alternative? Enter “smart” smoke detectors. It has never been more convenient or easy to keep your family safe.

Smart Smoke Detectors Add Convenience

With a smart smoke detector you are no longer getting out the ladder every 6 months to check batteries because many models do that on their own automatically. In addition to the self check, the smoke detector will send an alert to your phone to not only let you know when the batteries are running low, but also which device is running low so you don’t have to check each and every one.  


Another feature of a smart smoke detector is the ability to silence the alarm from your phone instead of grabbing a towel and trying to fan the smoke away from the sensor. Many people get used to false alarms and are slower to react when it is the real deal because they assume it isn’t serious.

Smart Smoke Detectors Add Safety

While the many conveniences of a smart smoke detector make it a wise investment, you aren’t buying one strictly for convenience but also for safety. With a regular smoke detector the chirping notifies you that it senses smoke and then you have to call the fire department while frantically trying to get everyone out of the house. Minutes are precious in an emergency and by making that phone call after the fire has already started you are losing time. But emergencies don’t wait for you to be home. You may be on vacation, out to a movie, or doing any number of things when something could happen to your house. How would you know? How would your family members know?


smoke detector app notification

With a regular smoke detector you need to call in the emergency, but you may not be home or in a position to make that phone call right away. You shouldn’t have to multitask in an emergency and there is plenty to worry about without trying to find a phone and call 911.  A smart smoke detector will notify the fire department as soon as it senses there is an emergency. By notifying them right away, they are able to respond much quicker than if you had to make that call yourself. This will not only reduce the loss, but give you the ability to concentrate on what really matters.

Another benefit of having a smart smoke detector call in the emergency for you is that you can focus on getting your family to safety and not giving directions or trying to remember the address. It may seem silly to forget your own address, but in an emergency you have a lot on your mind and are focused on getting people and pets to safety.

Home security, while intimidating or overwhelming to some, is here to not only make your life easier by creating convenient products, but also safer. Every minute counts in an emergency and your family deserves as much notice as possible to avoid catastrophe.

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