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Unconventional Uses for Security Systems

The best things in life are like chocolate: they can do more than one thing well.

Chocolate (also known as The Best Thing Ever) works well as a drink or as a solid bar. Both are technically made of the same thing, but satisfy different needs.

Security systems can do that, too.

Sure, the main purpose of any security system is to scare burglars away and let you know when somebody tries breaking in. Alder’s hardware will that for you, guaranteed. But what else could your security system do for you?

Well, we’ve put our heads together and come up with a couple ways your security system can make your life better without meaning to.


Protect packages left on the doorstep

Ever get paranoid about packages being left at your door? If you’re a normal breathing human being, then yes, you have. Unless you happen have to a full privacy fence around the front of your house (which, let’s be honest, only crazy creepy people do), packages delivered by the Post Office or UPS are going to be visible from the street.

So how can your security system fix this for you? It’s pretty simple. Just position a camera angled to cover the front door. That way you can check in on your package and make sure it’s still there while you’re at work or running errands.

The key part of this plan: make sure the camera is in plain sight. You want it to so prominent that it’s impossible to miss. After all, what’s the point of a security system if nobody knows you have it?


Keep an eye on the kids

Ever wondered how fast your kids actually get around to doing their homework once they get home? Depending on how many cameras you have set up inside your house, you can find out pretty easily. If you’ve got one for the living room, family room, or kitchen (depending on where your kids do their homework), you can check up on them pretty fast.

Other perks of this setup:

  • You can make sure they’re not watching TV or video games when they shouldn’t
  • Make sure no one is over when they shouldn’t be
  • Make sure someone who got grounded for staying out past curfew is at home where he (or she) belongs
  • Figure out if the dog really did eat their homework


Hope you enjoyed our ideas! If you have any others, let us know in the comments.

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