Control Panel – Power Loss and Low Battery

If your Alder control panel is displaying an electrical plug symbol with a red X over it and your home has power, you will need to complete the following steps because this means that the panel is not receiving power.


1-iconFind the outlet the panel is plugged into and ensure that it is still plugged in.


2-iconIf your system is still plugged in, check to see if the outlet is working. To test your outlet, unplug your system and plug something else like a lamp or a vacuum and make sure that it is receiving power. If the outlet doesn’t work check your circuit breaker to see if a breaker has been tripped.


3-iconIf power is restored to your system, the red X will disappear and only the white electrical plug symbol will remain in the upper, right-hand corner of your display screen, and your panel will automatically recharge the back-up battery.


4-iconThe battery can take up to 24 hours to fully re-charge depending on how long the panel was without power.


5-iconIf you are still experiencing problems, please contact customer support for assistance


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