Door & Window Sensor – Not Reading Closed

There are two pieces to your door/window sensor: the main sensor and the contact magnet attached to the door. If your door is closed but the sensor is saying it’s not, this usually means your sensor is out of alignment or the magnet has just fallen off the door. Complete the following steps to fix this:


1-iconGo to your door/window sensor and look around for the magnet


2-iconIf it’s fallen off the door frame, you can reattach it with double-sided tape or super glue


3-iconWhen replacing, make sure there’s no more than half an inch of space between the magnet and your sensor


4-iconIf your magnet fell off the door but you can’t find it, call us for a replacement. A new magnet usually costs about $5


5-iconIf the magnet is still in place, nothing appears to be out of alignment, and you don’t know why the sensor isn’t reading closed, contact our Customer Care Team for assistance


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