Motion Detector – How To Test Your Motion Detector

To ensure your motion detector is working properly, you can test it. To test your motion detector, follow these instructions:


1-iconGo to your touchscreen panel and put your system in Test Mode.


2-iconPlace detector in test mode by holding a magnet over the arrow on the left side of your detector


3-iconA Red LED will light up to indicate test mode is active


4-iconMove in the area that is to be covered by your motion detector and make sure the LED flashes every time you move. Test lasts for one minute and there is a three second delay between flashes


5-iconYou can also check your system event history on your online account or on the panel and make sure that the motion detector is registering movement there


6-iconWhen you are finished testing the sensor, take your system off of test mode by going back to the security menu


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