Recessed Door Sensor – How to change the batteries

Your panel will alert you when it’s time to change your recessed door sensor’s batteries. Recessed door sensors take one CR2 battery. The length your battery can last, varies based on use. However, you should expect your batteries to last between six and eight months. Please note: extreme temperatures can cause your batteries to deplete faster than normal.

When it’s time to replace your batteries, follow these steps:


1-iconGo to your touchscreen panel and put your system in test mode. This will prevent any false alarms or tamper alerts while you are changing the battery


2-iconGo to your recessed door sensor and remove the sensor from the doorframe


3-iconRemove the top cap of your sensor and slide the circuit board out. The battery should be sitting in the back of the circuit board


4-iconTake out the old battery and replace with a CR2 battery


5-iconReplace the top cap and if necessary put the sensor back into the door frame


6-iconSafely dispose of the old batteries


7-iconBe sure to exit Test Mode on your touchscreen panel when you’re finished


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