Smoke Detector – How to change the batteries

When your Alder smoke detector battery gets low, you will be alerted on your panel first. The smoke detector itself will not chirp until it gets to critical battery level. If it gets to that point, you will hear a chirp from the smoke detector every 48 seconds until the battery is changed. Smoke detectors take three AAA batteries. If your sensor’s batteries are low, complete the following steps to replace them:


1-iconGo to your touchscreen panel and put your system in test mode. This will prevent any false alarms or tamper alerts while you are changing the battery


2-iconGo to your smoke detector


3-iconTwist off the top cover


4-iconTake out the old batteries and wait two minutes


5-iconPress the test button on the smoke detector with the batteries still out to ensure a full reset


6-iconReplace with three AAA batteries


7-iconTwist cover back on


8-iconSafely dispose of the old batteries


9-iconBe sure to exit Test Mode on your touchscreen panel when you’re finished


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